A Clarification in the Other Direction

Lest I be misunderstood, perhaps a note’s in order stating that I support the Ocean State 38 initiative that Travis Rowley describes. As a political organization, the RIGOP must reinvent itself at the local level and build from there — not just for fundraising, but in order to get to know voters and to identify candidates.
Basically, the RIGOP has to be visible among the various reform groups and amidst the political backlash against Rhode Island’s status quo.
It will be critical, however, for the party to present itself as just another group interested in a larger cause than itself. Each local member of the Ocean State 38 should engage with all reform activities, and without the implication that they intend to subsume them. An approach that errs on the side of arm’s length assistance, rather than political opportunism, will rebuild the party more quickly. The question to answer is, “How does the party fit within this grassroots movement?”
It most definitely has a place.

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