Scatting and Be-Bopping All Over the Paper

There isn’t much advantage to pointing these things out, at the local level. Those who get it will see, and those who choose not to see won’t get it. But I do wonder what the keepers of the Providence Journal’s credibility think of reporter Alisha Pina’s assessment that the following comment had sufficient content to include it in her article prior to today’s Labor Board hearing:

Patrick Crowley, an assistant executive director of NEARI, said, “Having had the displeasure of reading this so-called report, it only serves to confirm Mayor Larisa and Mr. Felkner have no idea what they are talking about. Given their bumbling and lack of popular support this isn’t surprising at all.”

As they (might) say in the circus: You can’t blame the clown. The quotation is a twofer for Crowley; he gets to mock and belittle his opposition and further the ailing state newspaper’s decomposition into a rag. Crowley’s entire raison d’etre in the RI scene is to serve as a distraction from the real players and schemes of the union industry in the state. A pity ostensible journalists haven’t the instinct to see through that, perhaps even to the extent of seeking the story behind the jester’s curtain.
Somebody on Fountain St. must understand … right?

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14 years ago

Oo, oo! I wanna say it this time.
“Justin, you’re obsessed.”

14 years ago

“Somebody on Fountain St. must understand … right?”
Nope. They are headed the way of the defined-benefit pension. Hell, they wouldn’t even be on Fountain St. except that they can’t find a buyer for the building due to the Depression caused by the progressive economics they propogate.
Funny how the circle closes around those leftist journalists.

14 years ago

I didn’t know Ed Achorn was a leftist journalist. There will be much joy about him losing his job too, right? And Howard Sutton and Mark Ryan losing their jobs, too? Sounds like there’ll be a party.

Tom W
Tom W
14 years ago

Just more Crowley reading from his Saul Alinsky Cliff Notes.
As Obama did with the positive – vague slogans like “Hope” and “Change” to mask his true intentiions – Crowley consistently does with the negative, generalized assumptive dismissals of the other side’s knowledge or credibility without any tangible or concrete or factual refutations.
Makes sense, one knew he couldn’t win election on the factual merits, and the other knows he can’t win on the factual merits.

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