2009 Supplemental Budget: Gov Refuses to Sign

… nor will he veto it. Citing the absence in the budget of

statutory pension reforms which are absolutely necessary to ensure sustainability

Governor Carcieri has returned H5019 Sub A to the General Assembly, permitting it to become law without his signature.
Additionally, his letter to the G.A., available here, in Adobe Acrobat, stresses the importance of passing both relief for cities and towns for costly mandates and tax reform to make us more competitive on the job creation front.
From your lips to … er, the leadership’s ears, Governor.

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14 years ago

So frustrating. The governor comes out of the gate strong, then fizzles on the last turn. Rather than a veto and an angry governor appearing everywhere he can demanding honest spending cuts from the legislature, he quietly let’s the budget pass. And the legislators won’t have to defend or explain their votes any longer.
I like the governor, but he’s done little to fire up those who could help him make change.

14 years ago

I agree with Mike. I had high hopes for the Governor and he wimped out on the budget like everyhthing else since he has been Governor. He should have vetoed the budget and made the General Assembly go on defensive mode. But Don still thinks he is a CEO that makes all the decisions. I’m very disappointed with him.

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