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Stephen DiGianfilippo of East Greenwich ponders whom the stimulus actually stimulates:

Like most members of Congress, I, too, lacked the time to actually read the 1,000-plus pages of the so-called “stimulus package.” From what I understand from media coverage, however, it provides funds for things like Food Stamps and “free” health care; “tax cuts” for people who don’t pay income taxes (i.e., disguised welfare checks); environmental studies; automakers (which, ironically, are themselves largely victims of other special interests); governmental unions, and various projects that benefit private-sector unions.
Besides a measly check worth about $8 per week, however, the average American isn’t being stimulated at all. In fact, he may now have a better chance of losing his private-sector job instead.

He goes on to note the hundreds of millions that labor unions invested in the purchase of Democrat votes, which leads into some thoughts on RI teacher union antics from Warwick’s Joseph Weaver:

What is especially discouraging is that in a state that considers itself liberal, so much power is wielded by one of its most reactionary forces, the teachers unions.
Charter schools, school vouchers, mayors’ schools, school consolidation — all progressive, enlightened steps designed to give parents and students a choice in their education opportunities and put the focus on the child — are constantly attacked and thwarted by teachers unions, which make it clear that they come first. The first question asked when change is proposed is not “Will the child come out better” but “Will the union come out better.” If the answer to the latter is no, consider the issue dead.

Hey, I’ll accept the notion of school choice and vouchers as “progressive”… if only because of whom it would annoy.

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