A Crucial Matter of Support

Thanks to reader donations and advertising sponsorship, I’ll be able to take Wednesday afternoon off from work in order to attend, blog from, and speak at the RI Tea Party, from three to six on April 15th.
Most people, to be sure, don’t keep a little pot of money on the side to enable involvement with such events, but I do want to stress how important it is that there be a strong showing. If even little blue Rhode Island can evince substantial opposition to the turn that our government is taking, we can contribute an outsized poignancy to the message that the broader tea-party movement is sending to Washington.
Whether you can go for a short time before leaving the city on your way home, travel into the city after work (in the opposite direction of rush-hour traffic, I’d note), or make room in your schedule for the whole three hours, this would be a wonderful catalytic event through which to accelerate reform — civic renewal, if you will — not only nationally, but in our state, as well.
I know that Portsmouth Concerned Citizens et al. have arranged for bus transportation from Aquidneck Island. (Contact Marlene Kane for information.) Other local groups — established and newly forming — may have similar opportunities. But however you get there, the important thing is that you participate.

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Damien Baldino
12 years ago

From what I’ve been reading and hearing, I’m anticipating a large crowd on Wednesday. I work near the State House, so I’ll be taking a walk over with 4 coworkers. We need to get the word out and send a message!

12 years ago

Excellent, Justin.
I agree with Damien. Big turnout Wednesday. Great opportunity to meet up with good government friends from around the state.

Pat Crowley
12 years ago

this makes you a paid protester, right?

Justin Katz
12 years ago

No. It makes me a carpenter with a very limited stipend to maintain and promote a Web site for political commentary — which endeavors may happily have the coincident effect of advancing causes in which I believe.

12 years ago

Whatever the numbers, none of us will be goose-stepping to the cadence calls of a business agent, a community organizer, nor anyone else for that matter. Freedom rocks! Lets fight to keep it.

12 years ago

Happy teabagging, everyone.
After all, a good time knows no ideological boundaries.

12 years ago

You reside in fantasy land if you think that there have been goose stepping marches recently, if ever, in Rhode Island. To give yourself some credence you should list at least one date and one place in R.I. where a goose stepping march took place. Additionally, are you saying that the appeals in this blog for a “Tea Party” were not made by someone who is trying to organize a community?
You march, but you don’t goose step; it’s other Rhode Islanders who do, apparently those with whom you disagree. This blog attempts to organize a community, but there is no community organization going on because you have an aversion to community organization and these marchers are mobilized for a cause that you happen to believe in.

12 years ago

Old Time Looney,
Your delusion is not surprising. Afterall, delusion is the mother of all liberalism.
You forget, this is a really small state. People talk. Everyone has a neighbor who works for the city or the state. So, we all hear the stories about the propoganda and scare tactics the unions use to keep people in line. Every time there’s a demonstration, or “march” as you commies like to call them, in favor of more spending for liberal pet projects like welfare and illegal immigration, the union rank and file are mustered into mindless compliance. Yes! We hear it from our neighbors. People talk. We know about the lies you spread about reform candidates who challenge your union shills. The tactics you employ to keep your membership politically compliant.
What? You expect me to cite a Providence Journal article to prove my point? Ha! You’re a bigger fool than I thought!
Yes! We are organizing. But you will never see a leader in our community with a title so lame as “community organizer”.

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