Re: The CNN Reporter Just Couldn’t Stand the Opposing Views

Mark Steyn’s take. (Heaven knows we need a free press and nosy reporters. But that’s not license to be as stunningly misinformed as this woman.)

Well, for a start, let’s say she’s missing the point. The guy was right. Taxes are a liberty issue. When she stands there and she says oh, but you’re going to be getting a $400 dollar check from the government, I say keep it. I don’t want a $400 dollar check from the government, I don’t want a $4,000 dollar check from the government, I don’t want a $40,000 dollar check from the government. I want my liberty. I want to be able to live my life the way I want to live it without having to account to an all-powerful state that gives me lollipops in return. And the condescension of this woman, here is an informed man talking to her about Lincoln’s principles, the condescension of this woman, it’s sort of talking on a completely different track saying oh, but you’re eligible, you’re eligible for a $400 dollar check. This guy wants his freedom.
* * *
This guy understands the point of the original Tea Party. What’s pathetic is that the CNN reporter doesn’t. King George…this is why America rebelled against my king, George III. And if George III came back today and had been running against John McCain and Barack Obama, he’d be the small government candidate. That’s how out of whack things are.

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14 years ago

We really do need to stop referring to these folks as reporters or journalists. They’re neither! They’re embarrassingly unprofessional propagandists and America is rejecting their schtick. People who are watching an event do not want or need someone to stand there and spin the very thing they’re watching and spin it in such a condescending and biased way.
It’s an insult to the audience.
This is why the Commie News Network and MentallyStuntedNBC are so ratings challenged. It’s also why liberal newspapers are struggling simply to hold on or are folding up entirely. The content of their product is not to be trusted or believed and people no longer do.
But I’m hoping CNN propagandist Susan Roesgen is happy that these tea parties have brought her media infamy beyond her wildest dreams. She’ll now and forever be on public display as a stunningly blatant example of liberal media bias.
Thank you Susan!

14 years ago

One has to examine the beggining of that interview, in which the CNN reporter interviewed the fat guy with the poster of President Obama dressed as Hitler. And how the guy continued to call Obama a Facist without realy being able to defend what a Fascist was. That was the type of crowd we saw at the teaparties, that is the type of crowd that was supporting John Mccain in November, and that is the type of peopel that associate themselves with the Republican party. It is disgusting and divisive to America.

14 years ago

I only saw half of it (the half Fox News wants us to see), but no matter what happened before, the reporter should never have allowed herself to get drawn into a raging argument like that.
She should’ve just shut up and let the camera record the other woman pitching a hissy, and the imagery around her. Sometimes it’s better to remain silent and let the scene speak for itself.
The reporter has received a sitdown from CNN, reports Fox. When Fox objects to the behavior of a reporter from another news outlet, that outlet usually complies with Ailes’ and Murdoch’s request for punishment, whether warranted or not (if I were her boss, I’d have given her a good talking to).

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