Concern About the Swine Flu Crisis Mode

Does anybody else see imaginary warning signs whenever news media convey urgency related to the swine flu and its predicted resurgence with the resumption of school? Parents and non-parents alike do well to pay attention to developments on the H1N1 front, but before leaping onto the latest and greatest protections, all should seek context like this:

It is not clear whether the new virus is more dangerous than ordinary seasonal flu for children, though some health officials suspect it is. …
Swine flu was first identified in April and is now responsible for almost all flu cases in the United States. It has caused more than 1 million illnesses so far, though most were mild and not reported, the CDC estimates. More than 550 lab-confirmed deaths and 8,800 hospitalizations have been reported.
Those statistics don’t mean the new flu is worse than seasonal flu, which is particularly lethal to the elderly and plays a role in an estimated 36,000 deaths each year, the CDC says.

Cause for concern, yes, but anybody who declares that any particular action is necessary to halt certain death and the decimation of human society on its basis has an ulterior motive.

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