A Long Weekend in Review

It was a long weekend with some big thoughts.

  • I joined Larry Kudlow in seeing the suffering of small businesses (which isn’t without government causes) as an ill-boding omen.
  • With some commenters seemingly incapable of discerning humor, I proposed amphibious cars as an alternative economic engine to “green jobs” for our state.
  • Monqiue noted that an alternative to “green”jobs is advisable.
  • Froma Harrop’s endemic foolishness on healthcare matters came up again.
  • As did excessive concern about swine flue.
  • Nevermind excessive concern about toddler depression, which relates to Patrick Kennedy’s mental health legislation in disconcerting ways.
  • But Monique’s survey of various dietary findings provides some non-disconcerting (concerting?) information for social drinkers.
  • And I take issue with Michael Kinsley’s games with rationing.
  • Meanwhile, whether the criminal or hero suffers more from the latter’s pursuit of the former remains an open question, although it’s clear that impatient drivers ought to avoid winding up behind me in traffic.
  • Switching gears completely (perhaps not so completely, actually), I suggested that the progressive/liberal lamentation of lost literacy might have something to do with the diminished prominence of literary propaganda.
  • Similarly, Monique pointed out that mainstream media propaganda on behalf of public sector unions may be losing its political currency.
  • Which may contribute to a sense that it’s time for a liberal revolution… by which I mean a conservative one.
  • In a convoluted way (Me convoluted? Naw.), perhaps judicial restraint could help to facilitate just that.
  • Governments of various tiers’ ensuring continuing deficits will contribute to such an outcome, as well.
  • As might the Obama administration’s introduction of left-wing nuts into czarist positions.
  • Speaking of czarist positions, Monique challenges their existence altogether.
  • Meanwhile, I’d suggest that Pope Benedict’s view of proper globalization could play a role in a reworking of international society… where fallibility doesn’t derail his elucidation.
  • I’d also suggest that religious folks across the Anglosphere consider Cardinal George Pell’s warning.
  • And to cap off the weekend, mild banter with everybody’s favorite infamous local unionist ties quite a number of the above themes together to point toward fundamental differences of philosophy.
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Warrington Faust
Warrington Faust
14 years ago

The weekend incident that caught my eye was more violence at the Police Union Hall.
“The trooper, Edward J. Stenovitch, 41, was charged … with one count of simple assault and battery, a misdemeanor.
Providence Deputy Police Chief Paul J. Kennedy said that the “unprovoked attack,” on Sgt. Edward “Teddy” Gannon, who was also off duty, left him with a broken nose and a laceration that required medical treatment at Roger Williams Hospital.”
A few things of note, I have often thought that the police union hall was the “fight club”. It seems to me there have been a number of shootings there in the last few years, perhaps someone more adept with search engines than I can run that down.
Clearly, this is Rhode Island at work. I note that the trooper has been harged with “simple assault”, a misdemeanor. I can see no reason why, after an “unprovoked attack”, he was not charged under Section 11-5-5 of the General Laws with A&B on a PO, a felony. Most states have a one year minimum on this, RI allows up to 3 years imprisonment. or a $1500 fine.
I think someone is getting a break here. You and I couldn’t walk up and slug a PO, then “walk” with a misdemeanor charge.

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