Vlog #8: What They Want to Suppose

My vlog, this week, addresses a thread through our Congressional delegation’s healthcare forums, indicative of their worldview and illustrative of the problem with with progressive thought, generally:

I’m curious how many people could explain the vlog’s title without watching to the end. (Actually, probably only those within a pretty narrow range of television experience will recognize the phrase, even having watched the video.)

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Bob W
Bob W
14 years ago

Thank you for creating today’s VLog! What a great piece of work. I finally get what makes trust fund guys like Whitehouse and Kennedy tick. And their tie in with the self appointed helpers of the poor and downtrodden, SEIU, nurses orgs, indeed does create a parallel universe, as the woman said. Let’s work to get health coverage in the citizens’ hands.

14 years ago

It is really embarrassing that, minus Chafee, there is still no net gain in the aggregate Congressional Delegation IQ.

Keith T.
Keith T.
14 years ago

Do you really believe that health care should be left to, in your words, “the whims of supply and demand”? That’s what has gotten us to a point where health insurance has become unaffordable for so many.
When are conservatives and libertarians going to figure out that access to affordable health care should be a right and not controlled by a free market society?
Is it such a bad thing that all of us be able to get healthy without the weight of cost hanging over our heads?
I know people are better than that. Get your heads out of your wallets and listen to your heart.
Thanks for the discussion.

14 years ago

Keith T, you’re welcome to view health care coverage as a right. That doesn’t change the fact that it costs money to supply it. A lot of money. (Even more than it should in the absence of tort reform.)
So how would health care get paid for under your proposal?

Keith T.
Keith T.
14 years ago

Thanks Monique,
Why is it that some people value the cost of healthcare over the benefits of receiving it? It all comes down to priorities.
I believe that a public option health insurance plan can be paid for by
1. Eliminating corporate welfare for some of our larger corporations…What’s more important to you…your health, or giving millions to large companies to market their products in China? No brainer to me…
2.Cutting back on our involvement in Iraq. Not pulling out entirely. I don’t want to hear the argument that the place will go to hell if we leave. I too belive that, whether we leave today or 50 years from now. So let’s get out now and save some $$.
3. And…as a last resort…rolling back the Trillion Dollar Bush tax breaks for the rich (for people making over $1 million).
Whether you want to believe it or not, under the Obama public option there would be some seed money to get the operation going, then it would be funded like private insurance, through premiums.
All the best!

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