More Wild Speculation…

Something occurred to me when I read this:

But the administration on Thursday confirmed [Gary Sasse’s] resignation as both administration director and head of the state Department of Revenue. No reason was given, though it is believed he resigned — after several previous threats — because Carcieri’s proposed budget did not go as far as he believed necessary in seeking the reorganization of state government.

You know, with all the talk about who’s doing what in preparation for unannounced campaigns, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Sasse’s name come up as a potential candidate for anything. Why is that?
Meanwhile, Ian Donnis has ruled out Middletown Republican Mike Kehew and John Hazen White, Jr., as potential Moderate Party candidates for governor. Ian stresses that, depending on his or her flavor of “moderate,” the individual in the role could have a decisive effect on the results. It’s pretty clear that Sasse would torpedo the Republican candidate, and he might also undermine Chafee, which leaves the Democrat, whoever that might be.
Of course, this is all just more wild speculation, which means concrete assertions of conspiracies will be sure to follow…

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14 years ago

“which means concrete assertions of conspiracies will be sure to follow…”
Well, no one else wants to say it so I will.
Rhode Island’s elections are being directly manipulated by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bildeberg Group. They have decided that Sarah Palin will be the gubernatorial candidate for the RI Moderate Party.
My source for this information is the same “Climbing” Magazine article that the UN IPCC cited as evidence for the AGW-caused reduction of mountain ice.
Thank you. Please deposit all corrections and survivalist magazines at the mailbox in front of my bunker.

14 years ago

A clever ruse, Monique. Everyone knows your bunker is in an undisclosed location. How are we expected to drop stuff off when we don’t know where it is?
Gotta run. I hear helicopters.

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