Some Different (Not Necessarily Good) Ideas

I don’t know much about Coventry’s Victor Moffitt, who has announced his intention to announce a run for governor as a Republican. Most of his reported ideas represent the sort of reform of which my opinion ranges from suspicious to hostile:

Rhode Island no longer has a surplus, but Moffitt in a brief interview said many of the themes of his campaign for governor will echo his 1998 campaign [for treasurer]. At that time, he proposed eliminating school spending from the local tax burden, establishing a statewide 7 percent flat income tax (which he says would bring in enough new revenue to establish a statewide school-funding financing plan) and breaking the state into four regional school districts. He also wanted to reduce the state sales tax to 6 percent.

Centralizing financial control of the schools: bad idea. Increasing taxes for most Rhode Islanders: worse idea. On the other hand, the article offers an intriguing glimpse of rhetoric from Moffitt’s past:

In response to news that the state had logged a $132-million surplus in 1998, for example, he wrote: “A ‘surplus’ is created when taxpayers are overtaxed … Every 1 percentage point of the Rhode Island sales tax represents about $70 million in state revenue. Therefore, we should reduce the sales tax to 6 percent … to allow our Rhode Island retail businesses fair competition with our neighboring states.”

His general perspective appears to be correct, if his solutions would ultimately exacerbate our problems. My mind, of course, went to the Tiverton school district, which had a quarter-million-dollar surplus this year yet continues to complain that taxpayers “cut” its budget by declining to increase it by an additional $627,000 (or so) in the last budget cycle.

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Fish Rd.
Fish Rd.
14 years ago

Justin, are you still in denial that you cut the budget when your were running around with your little yellow card and a boner last May? I though you an your ilk were proponent of accountability? Hypocrite!

14 years ago

“which had a quarter-million-dollar surplus this year yet continues to complain that taxpayers “cut” its budget by declining to increase it by an additional $627,000 (or so) in the last budget cycle.”
Yes, in certain strange circles (none of which are found in the private sector), level funding IS cutting.

Vicotr Moffitt
Vicotr Moffitt
14 years ago

As you do not know much about me I will submit the following:
I am a tax accountant for 38 years, financial advisor for 10 years.
Served 3 terms in the general assembly as State Rep from Coventry. Also served 6 years on house finance. As a independent Republican I voted with the Dems on several occasions.
Regionalizing into four school districts make total financial sense and will same money. I would like to also consolidate police and fire into our 5 county districts…another cost savings. Our retail has got to MA because of our higher sales taxes…it is time to reduce them..afterall they were supposed to be a temp increase to bail out the banking crisis…18 years ago! A flat tax would provide a stable funding formula to provide a 6,000 per student statewide funding formula. If you don’t like my ideas I’m interested in learning about yours and the other Gov candidates.
Elect MOFFITT…Rhode Island will PROFIT!

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