Maybe I’m Too Cynical, But…

Did you happen to catch this article by Felice Freyer?

Do you want a governor who will embrace the law and make the most of it? Independent Lincoln D. Chafee, Democrat Frank T. Caprio and Moderate Party candidate Kenneth J. Block all accept the law — with varying degrees of enthusiasm — and all pledge to carry it out fully.
Do you want a governor who will resist the law, perhaps join other states in challenging it in court, and take a minimalist approach to its requirements? Either of the Republican candidates would probably satisfy you on that score. John F. Robitaille and Victor G. Moffitt both say they believe the law is unconstitutional.
Do you want a governor who will enter office with a deep understanding of the health-care system and the nuances of the federal overhaul? You’re out of luck.

Two points follow from the above. First, developing a nuanced understanding of ObamaCare hasn’t been necessary, because opinions are generally formed, and the issue has been defined by the side that believes the whole “reform” ought to be scrapped on both pragmatic and principled grounds.
Second, ObamaCare defined the current Congress and administration — and set the tone for this election season — in terms of the fact that voters who wanted elected officials who would develop an understanding of “the nuances of the federal overhaul” before making it the law of the land were out of luck.

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11 years ago

I love this paragraph…
“Meanwhile, Lt. Gov. Elizabeth H. Roberts has been running her own task force. Her group has no legal standing.”
She’ll never say, “It’s not my job.”

11 years ago

>>She’ll never say, “It’s not my job.”
But hopefully by either 9 pm tonight or some time in early November, we can tell her:
“It’s not your job.”

11 years ago

Over 40 years ago the State of Hawaii instituted healthcare reform and has been fine tuning the state system.
Hawaii has the lowest healthcare costs in the nation as a result which I can testify to as my healthcare insurance cost dropped $100 a month moving from RI to HI keeping the same healthcare insurance companies.
Each HI Governor has embraced healthcare reform and made it work in HI as such almost 98% of the state population is covered with healthcare and those who are not covered are helped with a very generous state run Medicare system based on ability to pay.
HI has one of the longest living state populations, and ranks high as a state with the healthiest and happiest population.

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