A Comedy of Endorsement

Thanks to Patrick for mentioning and Max Diesel for finding the Providence Journal editorial board’s endorsement of David Cicilline for Congress. Give it a read if you need a morning laugh:

Mr. Cicilline has been an honest, energetic and often innovative mayor of Rhode Island’s largest city. He has cleansed city government of much of its reputation for corruption and hired capable people, most notably Police Chief Dean Esserman. He has looked for ideas on better governance from cities all over the world. And he has brought a level of fiscal discipline (including in relations with the city’s far too powerful public-employee unions) that has not been seen in the city for many decades.

The editorial goes on to explain that its authors share Cicilline’s affection for Obamacare and big-government stimulus, and in general, they dislike Republicans’ approach to government. Whether the delusion about the Democrat’s honesty and discipline as mayor would have overcome the preference for big government had the paper’s reporters exposed it sooner, we may have to wait until the election to find out.
Given subsequent revelations, though, the biggest question to me is when liberals will begin to see that the two considerations — in-office performance and ideology — are not distinct issues. Slick, dishonest politicians have a larger playing field on which to profit themselves when the scope of government expands. It may be frustrating that a perfect world would allow us to come together collectively and solve our problems in the most efficient way possible, but the world isn’t perfect, which is why we need checks and balances both within and against government.

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