The Projo’s Preferred Narrative

I notice that the wire story that the Providence Journal chose for its coverage of President Obama’s Labor Day speech didn’t make mention of the call to arms of Teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. The omission would be one thing if the article were narrowly focused on President Obama’s words (that is, if they took the spin that only what the president said is newsworthy), but even that isn’t applicable:

Before Obama’s speech U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis picked up the UAW’s frequently used “fired up, ready to go,” slogan today as she urged union members to provide vocal support to U.S. President Barack Obama, who soon will unveil a new jobs plan.
“It won’t be an easy thing to do,” Solis said. “We know some will fight us and…some will say we can’t afford to invest in our workforce.”
Solis also criticized those who are trying to reduce the salaries, benefits and collective bargaining rights of union members.

I suppose a major figure in labor warming up Obama’s audience with declarations that unions should target the opposition in such a way as to “take the son-of-bitches out” doesn’t quite fit the narrative of Tea Party as terrorists versus the well-meaning president (who can only be faulted for giving in to the extreme Republicans in his urge to hear all sides).

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12 years ago

Any reasonable person TeaParty,conservative,liberal,Rep., Dem.,Green, Libertarian,etc can see the evidence of a main stream media in the tank for Obama. The blogs such as this are the saving grace of this country. There is an “old guard” censorship going on. They are protecting Hussein at every turn. Imagine if Karl Rove had said at a rally to “Take out the liberals”. Chris Matthews,Brian Williams,NY Times,CBS, etc. would be calling for investigations….with front page coverage.

big rick
big rick
12 years ago

Will this blog be reporting at all on the Dan Gordon saga?

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