Differences in Sources Suggest RI Does in Fact Have Most Burdensome Mandates

Admittedly, I’ve been griping about PolitiFact from the sidelines almost since it entered the field.  For many of the uses that the reporters put it toward, the notion of entirely objective facts is as absurd as the notion of entirely objective reporters.  The simplistic (albeit marketable) Truth-o-Meter emphasizes the point; something’s being arguable is not the same as its being partially false.
My vantage point was backstage during production of PolitiFact RI’s investigation of RI Center for Freedom & Prosperity CEO Mike Stenhouse’s statement about health care mandates in Rhode Island, and I can’t say I’ve had my concerns about fairness eased.
According to the Center’s Competitiveness Report Card, Rhode Island has the greatest number of mandates in the country.  In an op-ed in the Providence Journal, Stenhouse characterized it as “the most burdensome level.”  And PolitiFact reporter Gene Emery went on the hunt.
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11 years ago

The State of Hawaii accomplished major healthcare reform over 40 years ago accomplishing almost total state-wide population (about 98%) universal healthcare insurance coverage (Hawaii QUEST is a fee-for-service based on ability to pay for uninsured covering the 2%).
Then Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts pushed for healthcare reform in that state (95.4% covered) and knocked Hawaii into 2nd place (Hawaii coverage dropped to 91.8% due to recession) with state-wide population universal coverage.
Moving from Rhode Island to Hawaii my Blue Cross; Blue Shield healthcare insurance dropped approximately $100 per month due to the healthcare reform for same coverage.
Now I have Aloha Care healthcare insurance which is an HMO and my monthly costs are even lower for same coverage but still using the same Hawaiian doctor, hospital facilities for any tests; prescription medicines and dentists.

11 years ago

I’ve read your posts over time and you really put on the rose colored glasses regarding Hawaii. I lived in West Maui for many years and can tell you it is far from paradise in many areas. High taxes,gas prices,food prices,housing costs mask the paradise. Here’s a recent story about federal dollars disbursed to states. You can see Hawaii is #4. Not bad for a small state. The paradise state is beautiful for sure…and heavily subsidized and taxed by mama govt.

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