Umm… Who (and What Policies) Got Us into This Mess?

I’ve had the extreme good fortune to shift careers to one that allows me time to create and stare at charts. (Sadly, yes, that’s a literal description of some of my afternoons, as well as my feelings about those afternoons.)  So it’s with an especially strong “What!?” that I watched this video, via Ann Althouse, via Glenn Reynolds:

To save time for those who don’t want to watch a political ad, the important point is that former President Bill Clinton argues for a second term for President Obama on the grounds that Republicans want to return to an era of deregulation — which, he claims, is “what got us into trouble in the first place.”  This, he contrasts with the Obama’s plan, which “only works if there’s a strong middle class.”  “That’s what happened when I was president.”
Let me first say that deregulation did play a role in our current predicament, but it wasn’t deregulation alone.  It was deregulation with a de facto government backing when risky ventures went wrong.
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11 years ago

Always good to listen to the 2nd biggest liar in the world. Amazing how he and Hussein (#1) became president. Bubba’s always convenient lack of memory has served him well. He forgot about Juanita Broaddrick the woman he raped (that damn Aiken talked about rape), forgot about the word “is”, forgot he was dragged kicking and screaming to welfare reform, forgot he helped cause the 2008 financial crisis,forgot he was married,forgot he was disbarred,forgot he pardoned felons,forgot he sold rooms at the Bed and breakfast…er.. White House. The guy gets better with age…… at lying.

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