So now we’ve got military incursions on our southern border?

It’s hard not to see something more behind this incident:

14 soldiers with the Mexican military were apprehended by U.S. federal law enforcement officials during the early morning hours on Saturday after they crossed over onto U.S. soil, according to a report. …

“CBP said the soldiers, their weapons and equipment ‘were secured for safety and processing,’ and noted the soldiers said ‘they did not realize they had entered the U.S.,’” the Associated Press reported. “One of the Mexican soldiers ‘was assessed a civil penalty after CBP officers discovered a personal use amount of marijuana in his possession,’ according to CPB.”

I’m not sure I believe they were just out for a drive in our military vehicle and uniforms and didn’t happen to know where the border was.

Maybe. Or maybe it was a test. Whatever the case, the incident does make one wonder how much is going on that isn’t caught.

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