Democrats are bringing back the bad old days in Providence (for a start).

I started college in 1993, and I remember people older than me who had gone to urban campuses talking about the dangerousness of the cities — muggings, assaults, break-ins.  Those things can always happen as random events, but by the mid-’90s, it kind of seemed like they were largely a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, it looks like they’re making a comeback in Providence:

The Providence College seniors were with both of their mothers at the time, who were visiting for parent’s weekend. …

“The people who attacked us were standing on the corner of the street and just came at us for no reason,” [Meghan] Cowl recalled.

One of the suspects shoved Cowl to the ground, injuring her leg.

The past week saw six assaults of students in the area, from PC as well as other schools.  This is a direct consequence of the officials whom people have been electing in Providence, and it can and will spread throughout the state if mindsets don’t start to change.

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