Connecticut provides a fantastic case study in a state moving progressive on taxation…

… too bad it’s not studied more.  (Maybe because academics know what they’ll find.)  Anyway, it now takes the most-taxed award:

Connecticut received the dubious honor on Sept. 29 of displacing New Jersey as the state with the highest taxpayer burden, according to a new “Financial State of the States” report from Truth-in-Accounting (TIA).

Illinois, Massachusetts, and Hawaii follow in the 48th, 47th, and 46th positions among the nation’s 50 states, as calculated by the Chicago-based nonprofit that tracks government spending and debt at the metropolitan, state, and federal levels.

Each Connecticut resident’s share of the Nutmeg State’s total outstanding debt is $62,500, compared to $58,300 for New Jersey, $57,000 for Illinois, $38,100 for Massachusetts, and $37,000 for Hawaii.

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