Whether federal overrides of states is good apparently depends where the Democrats are in power.

Nick Ciolino of The Epoch Times reports:

Psaki also says the health administration rule will override Abbott’s executive order.

“We know that federal law overrides state law,” she said. “I would note that earlier when we put out our guidance on the president’s announcement about mandates several weeks ago, it made clear that … requirements are promulgated pursuant to federal law and supersede any contrary state, or local law or ordinance.”

Remember when a statement from the White House that its orders overrode those of the states was considered a sign of the end of our democracy?  The only significant difference is that the Democrats occupy the White House, and they’re fighting Republican governors.

Next time the roles reverse and the usual suspects (mainly the media) act as if dictatorship is dawning, we’ll know it’s just B.S. and should respond appropriately.  (That doesn’t mean agreeing with whatever the policy might be, but we should ignore objections that aren’t made in good faith.

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