Sometimes it’s unlucky to have been there to make a difference.

This morning, I wondered out  loud what the public narrative would have looked like had somebody taken action to stop the driver from plowing into a Christmas parade in Wisconsin yesterday.

Writing about Kyle Rittenhouse, David Burkhead may provide a hint of the answer:

“He shouldn’t have been there” is a stupid argument. As a free citizen in a free country on publicly accessible property he had every right to be there. As a free citizen in a free country he had every right to be armed for his own protection. As a free citizen in a free country he had every right to move to stop an incipient disaster (a burning dumpster on its way–never mind how for the moment–to a gas station where it might well set off a conflagration that could kill hundreds).

Burkhead goes on to detail that a burning dumpster when combined with a gas station could have resulted in many more deaths, and certainly much more destruction that night.  It appears that Rittenhouse stopped that.  Unfortunately, in this life we’re not always able to take credit for the bad things that would have happened had we not intervened.

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