The rules are different for Democrats.

Now that she’s been confirmed as the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, interest has surged in a video of her berating journalists outside her house while she was still a county district attorney back in January.  The bullying and defensiveness are noteworthy, of course.  It takes a certain personality type to tell a reporter she’s going to get your children “f***ing killed” by filming her outside near her car rather than, I don’t know, nicely ask that the cameras be put down and an interview be scheduled for the next day.

Of more general interest, though, is the reaction.  The chance is virtually nil that most of the folks coming to her defense would be doing so if she were a Republican.  Attempting to get comments from public figures wherever comments can be gotten is how television journalism has been done as long as I can remember.  Where this news team erred was in not understanding that they’re supposed to treat preferred groups differently.

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