The United States has so much energy potential.

The current occupant of the White House may have dialed our nation’s capacity to generate sources of energy, but at least our system for handling its shipment and export is moving forward:

The United States is on course to have the world’s biggest exporting capacity of liquified natural gas (LNG) by 2022, surpassing Qatar and Australia, owing to increased domestic production and a soaring demand from international markets, especially China.

Global demand for LNG has grown steadily, hitting annual record highs since 2015. European economies and emerging Asian markets depend on LNG for power production and heating requirements. This demand has been met by American companies who have been exporting LNG since 2016.

I’ve been listening to the Jordan Peterson podcast, recently, on which he has compelling conversations with interesting people.  Whenever the idea of human thriving comes up, recently, Peterson puts forward the conclusion that the way to help humanity and the environment, in the long run, is to make the energy cheaper and more-widely available.  Period.

It’s mind-blowing that a powerful political faction is so bent on moving in the other direction. It’s as if they want people to suffer.

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