Yes, CRT is in the schools.

In case anybody is still making the claim that there isn’t any critical race theory (CRT) in American public schools, John Murawski has an extensive article on RealClearInvestigations presenting evidence that there is:

These denials, which have been amplified by many news organizations, are at odds with overwhelming evidence – documented by class lessons, school curricula, focus groups, teacher surveys and public statements by educators – that CRT is not only taught in class, but is also heavily promoted by the K-12 education establishment.

Some high schools are already teaching lessons and units on CRT, where students write papers demonstrating their facility with applying the theory, while other schools are introducing CRT concepts, such as systemic racism, white privilege, microaggressions, implicit bias and intersectionality.

Public and private schools are also training teachers, staff, administrators – and even parents – on the elements of critical race theory, which school administrators see as an indispensable tool for dismantling what activists describe as America’s racial caste system.

I think we’ve reached the point in the public debate that the mainstream media will deliberately stop giving the issue any air, hoping the flame will go out.

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