What if Native Americans displaced somebody else?

Rick Moran asks that dangerous question:

So what happened to these older, primitive societies — the Clovis people and others who were clearly present in North and Central America before modern Native Americans? They no doubt had what they considered “their land” to hunt and forage. Who stole it from them and wiped them out?

It’s not a simple question because there are so many holes in our knowledge of early North Americans. There may have been tribal conflicts, and there may have been tribal marriages. The DNA record is silent about land claims, but is that really the point?

Moran goes on to note that indigenous people on other continents (including white ones) were similarly displaced and then displaced again.  We don’t like to admit it, these days, but that’s how history has worked everywhere.  It shouldn’t be forbidden to consider that the Americas were not some land of purity until the arrival of Columbus.

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