Keep an eye on the meta-strategies of political opponents.

Tacia MC Truss raises an excellent point, here:

Pro tip… when ever a troll won’t leave your feed alone, know that the rest of the antifa scumbags are tweeting and they want to keep you occupied with distractions. See how this works?

The point can be expanded.  If the best use of your time at a given moment is to reply to the lunatic statements of left-wingers on social media, you can be sure there are constructive, cooperative things you’re not doing to advance your own cause.

I absolutely sympathize with those who cannot resist a retort when somebody like far-left Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack issues yet another obviously flawed proclamation on Twitter.  As she keeps issuing them day after day, however, in the face of constant opposition, we have to realize that she’s getting something out of it, whether pointing to the opposition’s heat to motivate her allies or keeping us watching her game, not our own.

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