I’ve finally written another Dust in the Light essay.

My pace of writing for these essays is much slower than my usual.  In part, the reason is that my 2022 has simply been busier than I expected, and I haven’t been able to manage my Dust in the Light allotment of time every week.  In bigger part, however, the reason is that, as clear as the concepts are to me, putting them into words so as to be explanatory is difficult.  Such writing is very easy when the writer is simply proclaiming beliefs with the a priori assumption that readers have necessary knowledge and agreement.  It’s much more difficult if the intent is to make the case for original ideas to people who will probably think the writer is crazy.

Be my sanity whatever it may be, exploring these ideas feels like the capstone project of my life, so I’ll keep trudging along.  (I think the next three will flow more smoothly, but we’ll see!)

This time around, I move from my proposed model for reality, which carried through to the Multiverse, and describe how beings emerge conceptually, down to the level of human beings.

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