Watching both sides run with their narratives of the Paul Pelosi attack is amazing and disturbing.

One despairs of our ever coming together if we live in two separate realities.  Many details of the attack don’t make sense, starting with the fact that the Pelosi’s home is apparently so vulnerable and the fact that calling somebody a “friend” to 911 is apparently a code that we’re all supposed to know, let alone that Pelosi reportedly managed to get to the bathroom for a phone call but didn’t lock himself in there.

On the other side, some of the details being promoted may be the fog of early reports.  For example, regarding the fact that somebody let the police in, it’s entirely possible that Pelosi got to the door to open it and that act initiated the struggle the police witnessed when they entered.

Of course, if the incident was a collision of a crazy person with an inebriated person in the middle of the night, we have to leave allowances for a lot of strangeness. There’s a whole lot of space for this story between a hammer-armed nudist MAGA assassin and a gay tryst gone wrong.

That’s why the most disturbing aspect may be Democrats’ immediate rush to make it a political hit against their enemies.  We can’t possibly function as a society when every incident is immediately leveraged to split us into competing realities.

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