They’re preemptively trying to sell this as evidence of global warming…

… but keep an eye out for claims of increased flooding that could be caused by a wobbling moon (which, if it needs to be said, is in no way related to carbon emissions):

Beware, coastal communities. The U.S. is set to face a surge in high-tide floods along its coasts due to a “wobble” in the moon’s orbit coupled with global warming, according to NASA.

Starting in the mid-2030s, a lunar cycle will amplify rising sea levels fueled by climate change, causing rapidly increasing high-tide floods on every U.S. coast, according to findings of a new study by the NASA Sea Level Change Science Team from the University of Hawaii.

The “coupled with global warming” piece is the CYA maneuver.  Otherwise, people might begin to wonder if maybe all the “climate change” evidence might have other contributing factors that are even more beyond our control than completely reversing the course of human progress by undermining our energy and industrial bases.

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