RI institutional Democrat support creates personal danger.

Two implications of this recent tweet from Nicole Solas illustrate the danger that begins to fester when the institutions of a state become wholly partisan.

Nicoletta0602: Update: the court granted me a temporary restraining order against this scumbag that threatened me.

He assaulted Rhode Island Senator Gordon Rogers with his truck last Spring and is on probation for that. 

Not exactly keeping the peace while threatening women online.

The first implication is that it will be very surprising if the attorney general or anybody else in Rhode Island law enforcement turns up the heat on a Democrat threatening a blacklisted conservative.

The second is, if anything, more disturbing.  As somebody on the upper end of paying attention to happenings in Rhode Island, I’m surprised that I didn’t know about an assault on a sitting state senator that resulted in a probation.  Searches on both Google and Bing produce zero results and, in fact, point instead to the incident in which Rogers knocked out an intruder in his home.

We’re not getting the news, in Rhode Island, and we therefore cannot be said to be making informed decisions during elections.  Deepening the peculiarity is that controversies should be of interest to our fading news media.  It’s like they’d rather destroy their business model then question the Party.

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