Rain or shine, everything is a warning of the apocalypse.

Among the many reasons for growing distrust of mainstream journalism is its apparently incessant need to make everything an indication of impending doom. (This is true, at least, when mass hysteria is seen to serve Democrats, as with the climate. On matters that point in the other political direction, like illegal immigration and the economy, only good news, if it can be found, squeezes through the guard.)

So, we get articles like Alex Kuffner’s in the Providence Journal, confirming that, “Yes, downpours are getting heavier, and more frequent in RI.”  The article purports to supply the numbers to substantiate this claim, although the cited source does not appear to make them readily available to the public.  One gets the sense, anyway, that the reader is meant simply to acknowledge that numbers are given and accept that they support the claim being stated on their basis without giving them much thought.  Consider this paragraph from Kuffner:

Since 1905, the average number of days per year in the Providence area with more than 1 inch of rain has increased from eight to 14, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. Last year, there were 12 such days. This year, there have been 10 so far.

If the average (over some unspecified time period) is 14 and last year saw 12, it may be that the curve is headed down.  In any event, water is life, and if we can get our acts together, surely we can benefit from this flow of life rather than cowering from it.

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