Don’t let the Connecticut mail ballot fraud slip out of awareness.

I mentioned to Mike Stenhouse on an episode of In the Dugout that will air soon that the danger of mail ballots may only be resolved when powerful people begin to worry that they won’t be better at it than their opposition.  That’s why it’s important to increase awareness of videos like this, from Connecticut:

I think you’d have to be crazy to think this isn’t happening around the country, wherever mail ballot voting is too easy. And to those who insist that there’s “no evidence of widespread fraud,” I can only say you’re missing the point.

Outright “illegal ballot” fraud is the final margin applied to broader levels, from systemic suppression of news and bribery of constituents to constantly changing rules and arduous campaign regulations to ordinary ballot harvesting.  All those layers, though, are why I’m skeptical this will be fixed.  The powerful own too many layers.

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