Election Reform

A machine with its screws coming loose

Politics This Week: Loose Screws on the Insider Machine

By Justin Katz | October 2, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz watch as the insider machine becomes increasingly obvious.

A sunken boat surrounded by sharks

Politics This Week: Land of No Chance for Improvement

By Justin Katz | September 25, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz review several of the dead ends to progress in the Ocean State.

A woman walks in a smokey alley

Politics This Week: Stories of Absolutely No Interest (To the Media)

By Justin Katz | September 11, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz tease out multiple stories that the local media could investigate to generate interest (but probably won’t).

The word, "vote," on puppet strings

Rhode Island should study Ana Quezada’s fabulous mail ballot results.

By Justin Katz | September 10, 2023 |

State Senator Ana Quezada was a stand-out recipient of mail ballots, with surprisingly targeted support in specific precincts that didn’t spread into in-person votes as should have been expected.

A clam reading a newspaper

Politics This Week: Media and Identity in CD1 and Labor

By Justin Katz | September 6, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the implications of labor control and CD1 dynamics.

A water drop and ripples

By what authority is the Board of Elections discouraging votes for somebody duly placed on the ballot?

By Justin Katz | August 28, 2023 |

This is precisely the sort of application of supposed common sense without due process that incrementally undermines our rights. There is no process for a candidate to remove him or herself from the ballot, and as far as I know, there are no standards in law or regulation for the Board of Elections to determine…

A house made of money

Politics This Week: Rights and Diversity

By Justin Katz | August 9, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss recent developments in RI politics.

Crazy Eggs

We can pay attention now or find out how many bodies it takes to break a narrative.

By Justin Katz | May 17, 2023 |

An entirely plausible interpretation of events sounds crazy, suggesting we all have an interest in pushing back and enforcing accountability for those who’ve brought us to this point.

A sleeping giant as an island

Politics This Week: Fraud from Voting to Pandemics

By Justin Katz | May 8, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz explore the falsehood that govern Rhode Island politics.

A man holds a red smoke signal on ice

Politics This Week: The Insiders’ Clear Messages

By Justin Katz | March 14, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz interpret the unmistakable messages of RI insiders’ actions.