Is progressive education policy the result of ignorance or cynical malice?

One has to wonder such things after seeing posts like this, from Rhode Island Democrat State Senator Tiara Mack:

MackDistrict6: This week we heard my Vote 16 bill 🗳️This bill would allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in school board elections. Teenagers lack the maturity and experience to know what it is they need to learn or how it should be taught.  Raising doubt about adults capacity in this regard would be a fair response, but for this purpose we draw the line at 18.  If anything, given the lengthening of adolescence in modern America, we should be considering a move in the other direction — opening elections only when people are a bit older.

In any event, giving teens a means to vote themselves other people’s money would be more of a disaster than Rhode Island already faces.

While we’re on the matter, contrast Mack’s suggestion with progressives’ antipathy to school choice.  One suspects she wants kids voting in government school elections because they’ll be easier for radicals and union organizers to manipulate.

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