What’s the outrage standard we should apply to video of Biden kicking his dog?

I ask because that looks pretty clearly to be what happens in the video attached to this tweet:

Tweet about Biden's dog with video appearing to show him kicking one

Given some online interactions, I’m not even sure Democrat partisans are psychologically capable of seeing the kick — as if it’s one of those optical illusions that some people just don’t process. I suppose the best-case scenario (if I suffer from an opposite shortcoming) is that the frail White House occupant tripped on the dog like he recently tripped on a stage, but that’s a problem in its own right.

Of most fundamental concern, however, is the need for a single standard.  We all know how this video would be treated were Biden a Republican.  In that way, this minor matter is too perfectly representative of so much about Biden’s time in office.  Powerful forces are set on ensuring he is propped up and his disasters are spun to be positives.  If this video does catch some attention, expect Democrats to crow about how agile he must be to kick a big dog like that.

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