Those using the government to target individuals always think they’re on the side of “the people.”

This tweet from Democrat Attorney General Peter Neronha is a little old, but I didn’t want to let it pass without comment in this space:

PeterNeronha: As I said, our win last week in federal court wouldn’t be the last time we’d have to fight for the right of all Rhode Islanders to access the shore. But we’re ready for the fights that lie ahead.  And there’s no client I’d rather represent than the people of this great state.

The people who own property in the state have rights, too.  Many, probably most, of them are “people of this great state.”  The AG has to enforce the laws as written, in which case we, the People, should take up abuses with our legislators, but being triumphal about being a free lawyer for some Rhode Islanders against others is the sign of an unhealthy political philosophy.

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