URI shows what we’re training younger generations for.

Yes, of course, we’re decades into college radicals provoking tutting responses from the normies with events like “Sex Fest,” details of which Anthony De’Ellena shares here, and it’s getting boring and cliché:

AnthonyDEllena: URI Sex Fest poster

A significant development, though, is that these events are now developed and promoted by official centers of the institution, which deliberately promote activities that are arguably harmful (like use of pornography) and unarguably subject to disagreement from many in the public.

Count this among the many distractions on which institutions of formerly-higher education are failing their students and society at large.  They’re charging students, parents, and taxpayers exorbitant fees to house children on Pleasure Island from Pinocchio for a few years to see how many they can corrupt.  It’s time to rein in the immaturity… and psychosis.

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Anthony D'Ellena
Anthony D'Ellena
1 month ago

Colleges are no longer institutions education they are liberal Indoctrination camps

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