Wind farm problems show the danger of progress without a unifying belief.

Politicians have forced people in the Northeast to invest heavily in wind energy by means of our electric bills and taxes, and more problems are appearing:

m_jfrench: NEWS: Equinor and BP cancel New York contract for Empire Wind 2, which asked for the biggest (percentage wise) cost increase of any OSW project and was rebuffed by regulators

The linked article is worth reading:

Equinor, along with its joint venture partner BP, has agreed with NYSERDA to cancel the contract for the project, citing rising costs due to inflation, interest rates and supply chain disruptions.

This is the problem with top-down governance to implement progressive plans.  Increases in costs generally, inflation, and (I know this for professional reasons) difficulty finding labor are at least partly attributable to education subsidies (why be a sucker and work when you can go to college to study anything regardless of practical use and have your loans forgiven?), overspending, and other progressive policies, and all are now interacting in corrosive ways.
While they’re convincing themselves and others that their schemes will work, central planners can only use the projections available to them at the time, which they’re also spinning and minimizing to pass other programs.  This is why market forces are preferable guides; they price in as much as possible, like the ultimate artificial intelligence algorithm.
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