Maybe we’re being distracted from the genuine treason of the Democrats.

Elon Musk suggests Americans aren’t sufficiently aware of the rivers of illegal immigrants continuing to flood toward the United States:

ElonMusk: The public should be made aware of this

Cartoonist and author Scott Adams adds: “We are literally importing poverty.”  Poverty isn’t all.  We’re also importing illness, social disorder, political disfunction, and more.

Americans, of all people, should not be anti-immigration, and legitimate arguments exist across multiple intellectual disciplines over how regulated it ought to be, but we’re not having those discussions.  Led by the Biden administration, Democrats are pretending this massive influx is not happening, or at least cannot be controlled, which means we’re not adequately preparing or handling it appropriately. This justifies beliefs, like mine, that the illegal immigration is being permitted to happen (even encouraged) for some ulterior motive, like political dominance for Democrats or clients for the administrative state.

That context makes me wonder if the strange hostility we’ve been seeing in Rhode Island toward Mike Flynn and, more broadly, Donald Trump, and their supposed “treason” is a quasi-deliberate movement to own the term, “treason,” and undermine its power, making it more difficult for Americans to articulate what it means that Democrats are betraying our country.

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