If the mainstream doesn’t know about it, it must not exist.

I earmarked this Boston Globe article, which John DePetro and I discussed last week, for one additional point related to this:

“A great scoop can come from anywhere,” said Brian Stelter, a media reporter who previously hosted CNN’s “Reliable Sources” and was a fellow at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center. “Right wing media historically has talked about others reporting, but done very little reporting on its own.”

That’s just not accurate.  “Right-wing media” has done a whole lot of reporting at every market, from local to national.  The likes of CNN simply ignore it as if it can’t be of real interest.  That’s one of the ways they’ve controlled the social narrative over the past however-many decades.

The reality is that the story of the Harvard president’s plagiarism was just too much for the media to ignore, as much as they would have liked to.

Perhaps if mainstream outlets (including the Boston Globe) were to open their minds to different outlets, different stories, and different journalists, they’d discover a wide world of content they didn’t even imagine existed.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they want to imagine it because they fear they’ll bring it into being… or at least to the attention of the voters they live to manipulate.

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