We really need mature leadership in RI, and I wish Neronha were offering it.

Look, I generally disagree with Attorney General Peter Neronha’s politics, but I could put that aside if I thought he were coming to conclusions reasonably.  Unfortunately:

PeterNeronha: If you want to understand how private equity kills healthcare systems, and gets out before anyone knows the systems are dead, read this.  And remember how private equity ownership would have Roger Williams/Fatima circling the drain, but for our escrow.I’m certainly not going to defend predatory investment firms, but read the article.  Steward Health Care was already dying.  The story is of an equity firm finding a way to make money off it nonetheless.

Trying to make this a government vs. private sector issue is a terrible framing that distracts from the reality causing healthcare problems, while also making it ripe for private sector predation.  Whether Neronha does so deliberately or not, it’s difficult to conclude otherwise than that the distraction is intended to be away from government’s role in the mess.

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