People who want to think for themselves are not the target of national Democrats’ talking points.

Among my frustrations with social media in recent years has been the way my streams become filled with content in which I have minimal interest — like Democrat propaganda — because people share it in disbelief.  The frustration is primarily with the realization that people apparently believe in completely incompatible realities, which is what motivates the counter-sharing:  How could anybody believe this stuff?

Consider the constant and asserted-with-conspicuous-confidence statements about the strength of the economy.  No matter their origin, statements about “historic employment,” with an assertion that a particular politician or party is wholly to credit, ought to be received like claims of The Best Deals Ever!™  Maybe there’s a kernel of truth to such statements, but there is always nuance, and usually a trick.  In the case of government — which employs the economists providing the data — additional scrutiny is necessary.

So, when one comes across commentary offering the necessary corrections and caveats, like Peter St. Onge on recent job statistics, his rhetorical question comes immediately to mind:  “How do they get away with it?”

Another “Blockbuster” Jobs report.

Courtesy of the most creative statisticians government money can buy.

Half the jobs are fake. The other half are government jobs. And there’s been zero new jobs for native-born Americans since… 2018

We’re in an election year, with man experiencing obvious mental decline (from a pretty low baseline) in the White House, and the regime media is insisting that his opponent would be a dictator of historic proportions.  I’m therefore inclined to believe standards go out the window for government data sources.  But still… do they really expect reasonable people to believe them?

Immigration has been another example.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is claiming illegal immigration is going to boost the economy, and partisans have been proclaiming the benefits of Biden’s open borders.  It’s not reasonable, though, to take projections a decade in the future as evidence that something has had a positive effect.  At best, the attitude should be of hope for silver linings.

Even so, though, this Democrat talking point contrasts sharply with the simultaneous deployment of a ploy to make it seem as if Biden is urgently attempting to get control of the border but is being thwarted by Congressional Republicans who won’t give him more authority and money.  This political maneuver is so breathtakingly cynical one finds it difficult to believe even those who take it up can believe what they’re saying, their apparent sincerity notwithstanding.

At least, when talking points become that transparent, they provide opportunity to spot the underlying strategy.  Here’s the reality:  all these hard-to-believe claims are not meant to be believed, certainly not by anybody who is persuadable.  They are meant to provide cover for people who desperately want to vote for Democrats, no matter what, but whose common sense (and consciences) might be finding conformance an increasingly difficult lift.

The Party has to keep enough of them onboard to get within the margin of fraud during the election, so it will throw whatever excuses might work at them.


Featured image by Justin Katz using Dall-E 3 and Photoshop AI.

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