Oh, it’s just the speaker buying votes.

As business-as-usual as it may be, we shouldn’t become numb to Rhode Island’s base-level corruption, as Democrat House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi demonstrates here:

JoeShekarchi: I was very proud to help support the Warwick Junior Hockey Association - @RIJrBlues, which will be hosting its first annual Winter Classic. Mite teams will face off at the Bank Newport rink in downtown Providence.

Charitable contributions are wonderful, but this photograph raises some questions.  Is that his official State House office?  Is that a personal check, a gift from his campaign, or a taxpayer-funded legislative grant?  What’s with the attached business card?  Was this a donation or a transaction?

It’s difficult to speak out as if against donations to children’s sports leagues, but that’s an indication of the evolved cleverness of the corruption, not the importance of doing so.  A state in which his sort of thing was considered inappropriate would be far less corrupt across the board.

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