We need to ask the “and so” of healthcare principles.

When I see statements like the following (from a former Bernie Sanders surrogate, in this case), my reaction is usually, “Fair enough, but then what”?

DrDooleyMD: Insurance denying things because they say it’s “not medically necessary.”  

Like, I’m the doctor, not you.  I said it’s necessary.  Medically.  

WTH are you talking about? 

We just let Big Insurance practice medicine without a license and that’s not okay.

So what’s the alternative?  If we move toward the single-payer, government-managed system Dr. Dooley likely supports, then it’ll be politicians and bureaucrats rather than doctors.  And even in the case of doctors, if other people are going to be made to pay for people’s healthcare, how do we ensure that doctors are not driven by ideology or some other non-medical incentive?  They’re human, too.

“Just make it so” just does not work.

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