Opposition to school choice is meant to control teachers, too.

Here’s a good addendum to my post, yesterday, about progressives’ response to discipline policies in charter schools:

LoriGorm: Exactly! The charter schools siphon teachers away. They are often are prevented from contributing to the state's pension system (increasing the underfunding). Instead, those charter school teachers are offered a 401K plan.

Those who oppose school choice are also limiting the options for teachers.  They’re only about control.  They want to make sure teachers can’t get out of the pension system, and they want to make sure children can’t get out of the schools.  They care less about making it work for everybody than about controlling it, and the worse their management of what they control, the more they have to increase control.

Such a system structurally cannot correct itself, which is why we are where we are in so many areas of society.

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