Don’t let mockery distract from the most important revelation in Sen. Kennedy’s questioning.

To be honest, I feel for Gus Schumacher, the young man whom many conservatives mocked when he was the target of pointed questioning from Republican Senator John Kennedy:

SenJohnKennedy: Democrats want to spend $50 TRILLION to become carbon neutral & held a hearing to tell us why.

Dem witness: Carbon dioxide is "a huge part of our atmosphere."

Me: "It’s actually a very small part of our atmosphere." (0.035%)

Dem witness: "Well, okay. But, yeah. I don’t know."

Yes, it’s telling that an ostensible witness for greater government control as a response to “climate change” knows very little about the science, but we’ve raised several generations believing a progressive fallacy.  Our focus should be there, not the least because it has such opportunity for revelations on their part.

An underlying conceit of progressivism is that what needs to be done is obvious.  Schumacher may, indeed, be an expert on that which he’s observed as an Olympic cross-country skier, but he should have some humility when advocating for a particular interpretation of the causes and, especially, humanity’s appropriate response.

The urge to “just do something” is deadly dangerous, and I’m not sure mockery is going to change the hearts of those who’ve been indoctrinated to cultivate it as a first response.

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