Not long ago, objecting to the Trump cases would have been uncontroversial.

As he’s done for a long time, Mark Steyn zeros in on the truth with panache:

There are times, however, when it is necessary not to conceal it. This week’s Trump Trial of the Week is the bazillionth attempt by the ruling party to nail the leader of the opposition on …something, anything, whatever’s to hand. So naturally a certain artfulness is required. In this case, if one accepts as true the charges of corrupt prosecutor Alvin Bragg, Trump paid former crony Michael Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels. Which would be a falsification of business records. Which is, under the “laws” of New York, a misdemeanour – albeit one in which the statute of supposed limitations has already kicked in. So Bragg is arguing that the expired misdemeanour is actually a non-expired felony, because it was used to cover up another crime.

What other crime he has not said. And, as is now familiar in the State of New York, the corrupt judge Juan Manuel Merchan has been happy to indulge him.

… why all the Trump cases wind up in the hands of this particular Biden donor is a mystery to me.

Well, actually it isn’t: much of “American justice” is stinkingly corrupt. QED.

One wonders if the enormity of the corruption has become its own incentive for Democrats to turn a blind eye.  Once down the road of acknowledging it, what else might be overturned?

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