Justin Katz

Calling Jim Gillis Drunk

By Justin Katz | August 10, 2006 |

For no particular reason, except a recrudescent weakness in the face of my urge to procrastinate this stormy evening, I checked in on the news that’s fit to print online from the Newport Daily News. Meandering into the columnists’ area, I received these words of anecdotal wisdom from staff writer Jim Gillis: All along, Mel’s…

Long Gone the Schools of Lore

By Justin Katz | August 10, 2006 |

A comment from Norman to Andrew’s “Cross-Examination” post in the Laffey/Chafee series caught my eye: … we can’t patch a quick fix on to our education problems. Chafee is right that we have to reinvest in the public schools that made America great. If we send money to private institutions we will further marginalize the…

Making Shopping Even More Expensive in Rhode Island (?)

By Justin Katz | July 19, 2006 |

Here’s the question for consumers: If you were intending to purchase an item of moderately high price — a flat-screen TV, for example — would you buy it in Rhode Island or head to Massachusetts if you could get a $50–100 mail in rebate in the northern state (on top of the lower sales tax,…

Re: MBTA comes to Warwick

By Justin Katz | July 17, 2006 |

I don’t think you’re off base, Don. I do think, however, there’s a whiff of Rhode Islandism in your thinking. Rather than shrinking from the seepage of resources that increasing the freedom (of movement, in this case) of our citizens might entail, we ought to ponder why they’re inclined to seep in the first place.…

How to Respond?

By Justin Katz | July 3, 2006 |

This comment from my post on Dennis Michaud has admittedly left me baffled: Mr. Katz, I am new to Rhode Island and new to the politics of the state. However, I have noticed something that troubles me. You are supporting Gov. Carcieri and several people on this board have spelled out specific offenses, offenses, which…

On Banning Commenters

By Justin Katz | June 30, 2006 |

Anchor Rising’s policy on deleting comments and banning commenters is being turned up a notch. If you’re commenting on this Web site, you’re doing so to advance a conversation. Some of you are using comments as an outlet for political spin… and that’s alright, too. But when the comment sections get to the point that…

The RI GOP’s Big Tent Must Be for Sleeping

By Justin Katz | June 30, 2006 |

On gut impulse, I attended the Republican Party’s convention last night. Given how busy I am, it turned out to be a huge mistake. I’ll put it this way: the Rhode Island Republican Party is so dull that it can suck the excitement right out of Steve Laffey. When members of the party are inclined…

Where I’ve Been Walking

By Justin Katz | June 19, 2006 | Comments Off on Where I’ve Been Walking

Over on Dust in the Light: “A Life Begins” offers some explanation for my relative lack of literary activity in recent months.

Dennis Michaud, A Candidate of Convenience

By Justin Katz | June 13, 2006 |

Attaching a typo-rife position paper, Megan Boben — apparently the press secretary for Republican candidate for governor Dennis Michaud — emailed me to point out Charles Bakst’s “great job accurately representing Michaud’s positions.” I’m sure more time with that piece would reveal a wealth of interesting quirks, but this one jumps out at me: VOTER…

The Tides of Values

By Justin Katz | June 13, 2006 |

PROEM: I wrote the following piece for publication in the closing months of 2004. As these things happen, it was never published, but never actually rejected. In the intervening months, I’ve periodically looked for it online — as if I’d posted it somewhere — so it seemed prudent to go ahead and do so now.…

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