Mac Owens

Shame on You, Sen. Reed

By Mac Owens | September 21, 2007 |

Yesterday the Senate passed a resolution condemning the disgraceful “General Betray-Us” ad in the NY Times sponsored by the despicable The resolution reads: To express the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus, Commanding General, Multi-National Force-Iraq, deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor…


By Mac Owens | September 19, 2007 |

Just a reminder that today is “Talk LIke a Pirate” day. I model myself on Steve the Pirate from my favorite movie, Dodgeball.

September 17, 1862: The Bloodiest Day in American History

By Mac Owens | September 17, 2007 |

September 17, 1862 remains the bloodiest day in American history. On that day near Sharpsburg, Maryland, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and the Union Army of the Potomac suffered combined casualties of nearly 26,000, including nearly 5500 dead. Although tactically a draw, the fact that Robert E. Lee had been turned back after a…

9/11 Six Years Later

By Mac Owens | September 11, 2007 |

I had a piece in NRO this morning about 9/11 and the meaning of victory. It is here. It’s always important to remember that the war is over when the loser says its over, not the winner.

Petraeus and Crocker

By Mac Owens | September 11, 2007 |

No Such Thing as A Stupid Question? Not So Fast, My Friend! As I watched Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker field questions during the House hearing yesterday, I was reminded of a personal experience. As a young Marine captain, I was assigned to the US Army Field Artillery School to teach artillery tactics. My mentor…

More on the president’s VFW speech

By Mac Owens | August 25, 2007 |

“Sophisticated” writers and policiticans continue to criticize the president’s invocation of Vietnam during a speech last week before the VFW. As everyone knows, he argued that a premature withdrawal from Iraq would lead to the same sort of bloodbath as ocurred in Vietnam after the US Congress perpetrated the most shameful act in American history–literally…

The President, Iraq and Vietnam

By Mac Owens | August 23, 2007 |

The president has taken a lot of heat for his reference to Vietnam in yesterday’s speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars. it appears to be the case that he is the only person in the United States who is not permitted to refer to Vietnam when speaking about Iraq. My take on the reaction…

The President and Popular Opinion in a Republlic

By Mac Owens | August 1, 2007 |

In number 71 of The Federalist, Publius (Alexander Hamilton) makes an important point about the relationship between popular opinion and the executive. He argues that there is a difference between “the deliberate sense of the community” and “transient impulses.” There are some who would be inclined to regard the servile pliancy of the Executive to…

Have We Lost Our Minds?

By Mac Owens | July 30, 2007 |

Have we lost our minds? In McMinnville OR, two middle school boys have been charged with five counts of felony sexual abuse after being observed swatting some of their female classmates on the butt. They were arrested and jailed. The District Attorney, Bradley Berry, has pledged to have the two boys registered for life as…

Are Things Getting Better in Iraq? Two Changed Minds

By Mac Owens | July 30, 2007 |

Carroll Andrew Morse has done a nice job of summarizing and analyzing the piece in today’s New York Times by Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Insitute. There’s not much that I can add. But NRO has asked me to contribute to a symposium on the piece that will appear tomorrow. Here’s what…