Campaign Finance

A water drop and ripples

A good example of journalism.

By Justin Katz | April 11, 2024 |

Yes, we’ve reached the point that the place to get real, non-partisan journalism is on a social media platform from such people as “Mel,” whose X address is Villgecrazylady.  For example: The thread that follows explains how former Congressman Adam Kinzinger — a darling of the J6-investigation crowd — turned campaign donations into usable funds. …

A water drop and ripples

What corruption might we find if we looked?

By Justin Katz | March 13, 2024 |

These stories come much too quickly to keep up, digest, and consider, but Mel’s review of Letitia James’s campaign finance reports a few weeks ago is worth a look: What might we find in RI, if we looked?

"I Voted" sticker in a pile of leaves

Fewer Rhode Islanders are qualifying for the ballot.

By Justin Katz | August 18, 2023 |

Decreasing political participation is unhealthy, limiting voters’ choices, tilting incentives toward corruption, and separating We the People from the exercise of government authority, and campaign regulation reform would be a good place to start looking for a fix.

A house made of money

Politics This Week: Rights and Diversity

By Justin Katz | August 9, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss recent developments in RI politics.

A mother spoon-feeds her adult son

Politics This Week: Rhode Islanders Admit Mommy Government Knows Best

By Justin Katz | May 15, 2023 |

John DePetro and Justin Katz discuss the ways in which Rhode Island is sliding into full dependency.

Trump 2024 sticker

Democrats’ complaint against Trump for announcement coyness betrays campaign finance corruption.

By Justin Katz | March 17, 2022 |

If your feelings toward Donald Trump are negative, put them aside and imagine this situation with a non-establishment presidential candidate you would support.  If your feelings toward him are positive, then just read on: American Bridge said Trump was using his Save America PAC — registered as a political committee in support of multiple candidates…